Chazzy Lake ‘Fake Friends’ : Effervescent vibes call, you listen with depth and impending concentration.

Chazzy Lake

Life is Chazzy. And when Chazzy’s effervescent vibes call, you listen with depth and impending concentration.

“This song initially is about observing people who seem to bring a fake persona of appreciation for you, until you realize that they are putting on a show to get attention themselves. But i realized when writing this song that I had been that fake friend before, and that’s how I was able to write the song. But when i first showed this song to someone, I realized that this song is about self acceptance”

We’ve called Chazzy: “A precise account of sound that drills with haunting sacrament, Chazzy’s over the chill and above, notice for life, sings with impassioned subtlety and wholesome endeavor.”

Based in Brooklyn and Burlington, Vermont, Chazzy Lake is a former member of Bison, a punk-disco project, and a current member of J Bengoy.


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