Checkerneck ‘Yosemite Sam’ : Adrenaline by dialing in the high energy.


Los Angeles based alt-rock duo Checkerneck is a breath of salty fresh air. Two best friends Holden Woodward (Drums, Bass) and Andrew Greenup (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) have been jamming and writing songs since they were 13 years old. Now, with a debut release ‘Yosemite Sam’, the world knows what’s up with the rockin’ duo.

After 2 years of filling out shows at LA’s rock venues like The Viper Room and The Satellite, Checkerneck has spent the last year recording their debut album at the famous Bridge Recording Studio, with plans to go on tour following its release in Fall 2020.

“Yeah the times themselves kind of dictated this song for us to be first released,” said Andrew. “It brings a certain type of energy. Not only does it showcase our raw alternative sound, but it has this kind of nervous feeling, played upon by the escalating tension of the vocals.”

Holden added: “Writing and recording our upcoming album has been challenging, rewarding and a long time coming. We spent a lot of time in the studio with ‘Yosemite Sam’, trying to create a form of musical adrenaline by dialing in the high energy of the guitars, bass and drums at its core”.


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