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Chega Shares ‘Mirage’. “Let Her Vocal Gravity And Emotions, Bring The Universe To Your Feet.”

CHEGA’s latest EP ‘Compulsive’ is out now, and we review this little penetrating single ‘Mirage’. Penetrating because of its lyrics – the supple and acidic longing of the words and thoughts, rouse up the angst and ineffectual talons, ready for death – the death of love.

Don’t let it die.

Don’t let it fade.

CHEGA (Megan Mortensen) originates from Pittsburgh (PA), and growing up classics in soul, blues, jazz, and standards she melded her sensibilities in hand to hand combat, for the betterment of musical good. Integrating her skills and a pianist, vocalist and songwriter, she has a lot to say and wants to say them to you, to us, the world.

Once you get to know her singles, your notion of a ‘pop’ musician fades, for her deeper and truer identifiers in old school soul/blues, manifests in an other worldly Americana-pop feel.

It’s a good thing.

Get to know her more.

Let her vocal gravity and emotions, bring the Universe to your feet.



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