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Chelsey and the Noise // Chords of Truth // Lantern By Sea // kathleen // Royal Wood

Chelsey and the Noise – Mercy Kneel

Chelsey Hice and Brent “the Noise” Watters, makes songs that are as decisive as things can get. Brooding and axe-murderer heavy, each chord denounces the light, as you’re swept through a vacuum of impending doom and ‘un-natural’ extravaganzas. It’s charming in the darkest way. With Chelsey’s horror-flick inducing cacophony of delight produced through her fabulous vocals, you just can’t wait to keep on that ride through that ultimate hedonism. The duo’s project is uncompromising, unique, intentional, and rousing to the core. Every single has been a trip to never-land, where dominance of the unknown, digs with voluptuous sex appeal. Dig.

Chords of Truth – Pattern

The comforting vocals of Jason Garriotte (CHORDS OF TRUTH) is that soft and dignified tally for what you know is true about you. What’s in you. What’s the essence of that thing that makes you who you are. Jason’s sub-brooding terms of affections, jettison the norms of ballads of yore, but retains the sense of urgency, decadently and patiently. It’s a lesson in knowing your bounds of story telling versus the realities of un-enviable struggles and stresses upon a life. There are creases in all our patterns of life, and CHORDS OF TRUTH does its project best to keep that door unlocked toward the horizon beyond. Harmonies is dealt with a devastating gentle bow in ‘Pattern’. Jason keeps the light on for you.
fingerpicking track with a funky bass line, driving drum beat, and a chorus of harmonies.

Lantern By Sea – Secondhand Church

Provo Utah based indie band LANTERN BY SEA sings with the vigor of the seas. Of the oceans of Pacific to the Atlantic. The vast, windswept shimmer of the lyrics, cast the ideologically, into a poignant and delightful chant for the ‘better’. The ‘better’ and ‘greener’ of the worlds beyond this small world we occupy. Grandeur of guitar drive, slackened by modern indie-folk sensibilities dangle that resistance to a crumbled pile of thoughts and remorse. Range of emotive notes take you on a journey of now and of the new. ‘Secondhand Church’ has been available for a bit of time, but it deserves your attention. For the band’s 3rd released song is indicative of the nature of the direction they are searching for. You hear the crystal clear mountains call when Porter Smith, Tate Smith, Josh Alvey, and Dalan Davenport play.

kathleen – The Longest Year

We’re not sure if the artist ventured as kathleen really exists / should exist. Or exist in this reality. Because when we listen to her single ‘The Longest year’ we feel quite undeserving of such beauty of sound and such majesty in construction. Originally from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the now Los Angeles based phenomenal songstress, slashes every inkling of what an indie-pop single should be. Our notions of what a song WAS, is reduced to a whimper of a moist eye and now open-gaped mouth of surprise and happiness. kathleen’s voice makes our hearts ‘a-thump’. Her sensibilities makes us want to be a better person. And with ‘The Longest Year’, the world just doesn’t seem as dark any longer. The colors swoon above the build of the song, as it carries you off into wonderland by the bridge. When the glitch dance of her voice and words break you open, you cry, in heart, on that floor of hopes and dreams. Gorgeous.

Royal Wood – Make Your Mind Up

ROYAL WOOD is an artist who you should know. We’d been blown away from the first time (single ‘Photograph’)we’d been exposed to this highly underrated Canadian fabulousness. ‘Make Your Mind Up’ is a story of exuberance and uncertainty. But grief and angst, surrounds every morsel of happiness. It’s bound to happen, and they do. In ROYAL WOOD’s songs, personal experiences play a significant part as his family, friends, and passers-by greet him day to day with stories that are just relatable to the rest of us. It’s that “let’s forge forward” kind of attitude that comes through in his songs, and that’s why we dig his work, so. Take a visit, and you’ll agree, as well. See him April 16th at Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (Kansas City) next.


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