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Chemtrails ‘A Killer Or A Punchline’: “Why do I have a red streak on my chest?”

Chemtrails’ A Killer Or A Punchline is that dig into our abdominals, with that Q-tip – soft and malleable. It could hurt but it doesn’t. It doesn’t have to be your best friend, but it’s comforting. It isn’t there to be your friend, but you can’t help it.

When bands’ sensibilities are in display, just like it is in this song by the Chemtrails, we fall in love.

Well, figuratively of course, but very poignant, either way.

The striking synth wrap, and the guitar chords set you up.

Then the lyrics & vocals just slap you.

“What happened?” you ask yourself.

“Why do I have a red streak on my chest?”

The group is unique and it just flows into their body of work.

And we love how it just flows down – into our digestive tract, disseminating the nutrients – minutes after ingestion.

Our cells are nurished, invigorated, and in peaceful harmony.

Then, again, the guitar chords, come in.

Again, slapping, telling you to ‘wake up’.

But we don’t wanna.

We like it here.

Chemtrails is rep’ed by Punk Slime (PNKSLM), working out of Stockholm – one of our fave labels.

Kudos, Chemtrails.

Glad to know ya. Can’t wait to dig into more of your wares.



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