Chevy Mustang x Evan Rachel Wood ‘Can I Be Your Friend’ : Off the wall and lighthearted, to say the least.

Chevy Mustang

Chevy Mustang is the new side project/alter ego from Eve 6 vocalist Max Collins. ‘Can I Be Your Friend’ featuring Evan Rachel Wood is the off the wall and lighthearted, to say the least.

“I’d never heard a single note of music until I was about 17 or 18,” said Max. “My parents, God bless them, knowing that I was a vessel, knew not to corrupt my ability to serve as a conduit for higher influences, by filling my mind with trite, pop sentiments or the pseudo-religious ramblings of Bach or Beethoven.”

He’s the musical equivalent of a Myth or a Zen Koan. He’s the pond that Narcissus gazes into, never indulging in self gratification but reflecting back on the viewer and listener exactly what they want to hear or see. It’s up you, whether you are willing to supplant your desire for self comfort with a desire for knowledge.


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