Chez Ali ‘Care 4 U’ : For that, for now, unreachable craving, and possible determining satisfaction of your own.

Chez Ali

Swedish artist Chez Ali (Elias Mahfoud) does it again with his new single ‘Care 4 U’.

The sensibility of Chez Ali, becomes the relinquishing warmth of giving in to the urges of the basics in life and its quirks. Resistance is what we do to keep the graces of our day-to-day, projecting, encompassing, then replicating the acts for a smooth transition of inner satisfaction.

But is it really? Is it that bespoke and personal? Intimate and unique?

We’ll never know. That’ll be our forever struggle.

But with Chez Ali and ‘Care 4 U’, an ultimate deliverance of uniqueness oozes to tickle your pallet – for that, for now, unreachable craving, and possible determining satisfaction of your own.

One step at a time.

Said Elias: “After 2 years of not releasing music, I’m finally ready to share some new material that I’ve been writing in between live performances and, as of lately, disco-dancing on Instagram live streams. With the new material I’ve tried to challenge myself and expand my sound. ‘Care 4 U’ is the first sample of what’s to come and draws influences from my love for jazz and artists such as Jeff Buckley. Lyrically it’s about uncertainties and insecurities in a relationship in terms of not knowing where the two parties stand emotionally.”

‘Care 4 U’ is the first taste of a string of singles that will be released throughout the upcoming months and sees the saxophone take a big place just as it’s done on stage for Chez Ali during the last year.

Look for more from the fabulously talented Elias.


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