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Chez Ali debut single premiere, ‘Blue Cheese’. Oh the ‘feels’.

Elias Mahfoud aka Chez Ali is a solo project and he decided, “Yea. Let’s make a swing of it!” And you know what? People liked it. CHF liked it. Whoa. The premiere single is ‘Blue Cheese’, and the aromatic wafting of haze, colors, shining glares brings forth the ‘feels’.

Yes. The ‘feels’. The feelings of ‘alone-ness’ and the camaraderie ‘rendered useful’ even at the mercy of beckoning challenges: The ‘outro’ to a film. The bridge to a relationship. The turn back to the one who broke up with you. The ice-cream dabs, she cutely put on you nose in that brilliantly pastel summer date.

Elias Mahfoud, is a member of another fabulous band, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes (a band we’re fabulously really in to). As projects go, and takes the logical steps to expand on his other dimensions in music. And from this single, we can see he’d been adamant to take his sensibilities to another angle. Which we might add, he’s successfully done.

”Blue Cheese deals with the insecurities and paranoia that can arise when you suspect a relationship is nearing its end whilst also knowing there’s nothing you can do about it”, says Elias.

Blue Cheese is out now on all platforms and a debut EP is currently in the works.


Purchase his music [HERE]

He’s rep’ed by the folks at Rama Lama, working hard in Stockholm, Sweden.



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