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CHF IN THE WILD: Dylan Slocum of SPANISH LOVE SONGS Plays. So We Listened. Heck Yea.

Stripping naked the distractions in a song, gets it to the bare knuckle powers that lie beneath. And in a similar way, that’s how we think of Dylan Slocum, within his band, SPANISH LOVE SONGS. His pick style is an unabashed ‘deep dig’ into the chords, and never turning around to say ‘I’m sorry’.

Ridgewood, Queens

So, when there was a chance to feel his songs in that stripped down acoustic setting, we couldn’t resist. Dylan’s guitar playing and blaring vocal parrying has its own distinct signature (always had), and in this particular session, we got to feel the force – right up front.

There’s nothing giving way to Dylan’s play. There’s no pretense, nor obvious disposition, other than an utter ‘full-speed-ahead’ kind of performance. That is what Dylan brings to the stage. And it’s glorious in its own way.

Even if the stage is a parking lot, or a side walk.

El Niño Considers His Failures

Off of their album ‘Schmaltz’, the single ‘El Niño Considers His Failures’, contrary to the through and through punk growl, is a love story in its essence. An anthemic enchantment about promises – in the scale permanence – of what a life could be. Should be. Will be. The ‘love’ comes with the denouncement of what’s happening in this lifetime, with gusto – to be better, to progress, to excel – a rebellious call to arms.

In its refreshing take on a theme of absolution and redemption, the single, with the usual scowl and growl of Dylan’s vocals, drives this constant brooding and angst to the fore. The vociferous lyrical hymns, ratify notions of doubt and remorse, then repackaging the residue for another day’s breakfast, is what the song’s aesthetics reflect. And within that new dawn’s early morning breakfast time, a small smile hope appears, slowly but steadily – announcing a renewed glow of confidence for the upcoming day.

It is a proud emblem of heart and resistance against all that brings darkness to a soul, for a time. And the song reminds us all that, to return to normalcy, starts with knowing and loving thyself, first: pleading, accepting, engaging, rising. ‘El Niño Considers His Failures’ is INDEED a ‘love song’ for all of us.

Joana, In Five Acts

A break-up is harsh in its very nature. The thought of breaking the constance of that beautiful routine of two beings, is harsh. And when that love shatters, left behind is a broken husk of humanity, splayed on that dusty floor of existence. ‘Joana, In Five Acts’ depicts stages of that destruction, with ample honesty towards the confusion, the chaos, and the seemingly unfair state of affairs.

There is no lie in a destroyed relationship. In hindsight, the shakeup had been a long time coming. The subtle hints, the absences, the apathy all hinder and add to the bucket of doubts and questions. There used to be a time when the both of you would do everything together. There used to be a time when the both of you would always communicate. There was a time when the both of you would have been in a deep and unrelenting world of love.

No more.

Now you’re just a puddle, wanting the love back, and crying on that dusty and lonely kitchen floor.

SPANISH LOVE SONGS consists of: Dylan Slocum (Guitar and Vocals), Kyle McAulay (Guitar), Gabe Mayeshiro (Bass), Ruben Duarte (Drums), and Meredith Van Woert (Keys).

Next Show

Check out the band next at Pouzza Fest next May 17, to the 19th (2019) in Montreal Canada. The city is packed with a great indie / punk music friendly scene and should be a fab time. The festival packs 150+ bands into 7+ venues to brings some great acts to life for visitors and residents of that beautiful city. We’d recommend dusting off your French language skillz!


Spanish Love Songs (Full Album) – Schmaltz

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