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CHF MINI-DOC FEATURE: LEAN. Kyle McCammon And Stephen Johnson Continue To Mold Their Passion.

Photo Lindsey Byrnes

“I think it’d fulfill me on a deep level seeing music that I’ve created be able to give people suffering from the effects of PTSD some relief from the symptoms. I’ve seen someone close to me struggle with night terrors, being triggered into flashbacks and the physical effects and it’s heartbreaking.”

That’s Kyle McCammon’s reply to our question, “If you had the power, what kind of things would you want to see your music heal in the world?”. And the up and rising artist, with fellow bandmate Stephen Johnson, has a certain tact on what the world means to the philosophy that anchors their band LEAN. It’s the recognition of self, which in time will reflect onto the wider world views, in the efforts to help, in some way, to comfort, to empathize, and to sooth.


Throughout their young collaborative effort, LEAN, has been rising up the totem pole of musical nuances, with compelling songs of deference. The existential amplitude, beams from their singles with delicious honesty and fluid positivity. Love, hate, ambivalence, forgiveness, are sprinkled to tell the story of protagonists, abound by the limitations of the real world, trying their best to break free from the ravages of contentment.

The duo debuted in early 2018, with their LP ‘Years’, and the best friends pushed ahead to offer a new follow-up single named ‘Head In The Clouds’. There’s no pausing in the creative department for the two.

In the latest The Den produced mini-documentary, LEAN presents a glance into their work, and their thoughts in between songs and life. The quintessential difficulties of being a musician is about the passion.

Here in this video, the sultry reverence for the process of music and the decadent return for their souls, is masterfully presented and communicated.

“You cannot NOT make music” – Stephen Johnson

The duo met in late 2016, and shortly after, the band LEAN was formed. Experimentation and new singles quickly were arisen from the new band and the two were on their way. In 2018, their debut album ‘Years’ was published for the public to hear, listen, experience and absorb. LEAN is still evolving, and pushing forward with their interpretation of their environment.

We’re just glad that we get to ride that wave of discovery, with them.

Look for even more from then in 2019.

On December 8th, see them play Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco w/ SAVOIR ADORE and Le Solitaire [TICKETS]

Photo Lindsey Byrnes

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