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CHF Premiere: Christaux Shares New Single ‘WONDER’. Dream carriage of sound and echoes.

Christaux divulges another heavenly prognostication and emblem for his world being, and vision. The ambient drenched heart squeezing beckoning of feelings and down falls. “Get back up. You can. You must.” Tossing aside Herculean premonitions and unaltered extreme accountabilities, in ‘Wonder’, there is no more wondering. The world is supple, pure – let’s take it as it comes and dive right in.

Wide meadows of pink memories, swayed by the gentle mountain winds.

The lights among the cast of bounds, alight the thoughts of manly sights.
Taking the frames of day’s delights, pinning against the hanger’s rights.
Lift the banding, off of the painting, for the kite never seems to settle.
Alas, the wind, pushes and pulls, with the invisible hands of life and beginnings.

Claudio Nigliazzo (aka Christaux) is an Italian ambient experimental pop artist. His latest LP ‘Ecstasy’ dropped in August of 2017, which with its 10 songs pumped out everything from indie-pop, to visionary-pop, to alt-pop.

He and some of his fellow peers are ready for their showcase in the BPM / We Were Never Being Boring @ SXSW 2018 event in March.

Should be lots of fun for them, and for the fans.

Buy Album [HERE]

He’s rep’ed by La Tempesta Dischi.



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