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Chico Harpo // Grand Am // Tranqua-Lite // KINGDØMS // Kevin Holliday

Chico Harpo – He’s In The News Again

‘He’s In The News Again’ rides up the gauntlet and the maze up over the horizon is ready to be over taken. The guitar solo is more than enough to engage and drive you insane, in this single. The old school rock status is real in this single. There’s nothing to be assumed or surmised, as CHICO HARPO’s ‘stage presence’ in a studio recording is all displayed with clarity. It’s good stuff.

Grand Am – Waves

Realities are not the norm for the music that is produced by the duo in GRAND AM. And in ‘Waves’ the wolf’s howl is demonstrated through their digital manifestations and guitar slicing atmospherics. The call of the wild is deep within this single, as we’re transported further and farther to the outreaches of GRAND AM’s visible Universe. “Somewhere, somehow” as they put it. Let’s get it on.

Tranqua-Lite – Retrogression

TRANQUA-LITE renders the extremities to work on something odd and different, moving like the music drives them to exert dance-like revolutions. ‘Retrogression’ is a fabulous combination of super-hype indie-rock with the political commentary about xenophobia and ‘breaking apart of nations’. “We really wanted to experiment with how setting people’s ‘teeth on fire’ and inflating them to the size of a ‘gas giant’ would work in a song.” explains lead singer Ben Marcano-Olivier “Retrogression is a play ground for these ideas that we think more people should hear.” Rather forward thinking, in our humble opinion. Don’t you think?

KINGDØMS – Capture the Moon

‘Capture The Moon’ paints a painting of dreamers dreaming of pastel colors of function and illumination. The existential conversation of what we can control and what we aim for, continues with the yearning for doing your best – living ‘to the fullest’. Simple as that. Let’s work towards the top. Because we all ultimately die, so let’s get to it before that time comes. It’s a sensible strategy. It’s worth looking at, no? Yes. We all should.

Kevin Holliday – watchinyou

KEVIN HOLLIDAY’s ‘Watchinyou’ snaps, crackles, and pops to your heart. The infectious groove, tinting the amber shades of Kevin’s lyrics and vocals, reveal the seemingly unending properties of a party that will start up, any moment. The sun is bright and the golden cavalcade of excitement from Kevin, is here to stay. Wanna go for a ride? Shot-gun!


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