CHILD ‘The Encounter’ : Grips you into a tearing shimmer of expectations and the future.


A shot of cold night air within charting musical trends, CHILD marries a gritty form of pop with elements of Hip Hop, Alternative, and Indie successfully creating a fresh hyper-breed of pop music genre—informally known as Experimental Pop.

Like a stone, ‘The Encounter’ drops with blaring horns of another world, which grips you into a tearing shimmer of expectations and the future.

“Prior to beginning this project, I experienced a personal trial that caused me to deal with who I was called to be [as a creative & leader]. Within an environment that presented hindrance, I found myself in the perpetual tension between courage & doubt; love & fear; faith & hopelessness. In pursuit of my calling, I confronted then silenced these lingering voices of opposition [in my soul]… now experiencing my breakthrough.”

You have been summoned.


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