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CHILDCARE Shares ‘Magazines’. “Soulful, Jazzy, Sultry, Delicious.”

‘Magazines’ is such a fabulous song. Soulful, jazzy, sultry, delicious – like buttery cream pecan on a large sundae. Bob your head up and down. It’s okay. The song is infectious and you’ve just become its ‘zombie’.

A zombie walks and works alone.

When he listened to the last 1/3 of this larger than life, 90’s tambourine pop induced extravaganza – his arm fell off. With excitement mind you. But he was alright, because it was his right arm.

He was a south-paw.

Although his baseball throwing career was over (once his zombie career really flourished) he concentrated on developing his ‘left hand’ talents. He found out that he was ambidextrous long ago, and he now was glad that he developed both of sides of his brain.

The right arm was useful. It will be missed.

Unlike our friend ‘the zombie’ and nothing to do with him, CHILDCARE is a UK based band that knows what to do with our musical hearts, indie minds, and has the attitude to say ‘no to south-paws’.

Zombies… they’re okay (we wholly just assume the gang in CHILDCARE are at best indifferent to zombies and zombie-like folk).

Anywho, rotate this single on your device/platform of choice. You can feel their philosophy on their creations and song construction. It’s delightful.

So, dig it like, no other. You hear!



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