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Children of Indigo Shares ‘Magnum’. Beautiful Slice Of A Life That’s Worth Living.

It’s the little things in life. Even if you’re a triple Type-A personality, there are times when looking at things in a different light helps add to the existence you’d built.

And that’s what this single ‘Magnum’ from CHILDREN OF INDIGO shares.

“It was inspired by our travels in Norway with a couple who had the simple life all figured out. Enjoying the outdoors and spending time with loved ones made for the best of times.”

The Northern stars gleam and shine and sparkle and dance. Amongst the wide open expanse, and of our often unpredictable path of our life together, we have a place to live, and we have each other to hold and depend on.

I love you.

You love me.

The bond you’d let me set around you, means the whole world to me.

“I know.”

Children Of Indigo consists of: Mitchell Jackson, Natasha Pedersen, and David Campbell. They make beautiful folk songs.

Their upcoming EP ‘Trails’ will drop July 13th.



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