China Bears ‘Statue Still’ : “For me it’s like the feeling you get after you watch a great film in the cinema.”

China Bear

China Bears consist of twin brothers Ivan (guitar / vox) and Frazer (guitar) alongside bassist James and drummer Dean. taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name A chunky indiestrop hoedown with some suitably seasonal pounding rhythms, in essence ‘Statue Still’ represents the perfect giant summer festival anthem for a summer with no giant festivals.

“’Statue Still’ is written about those initial stages of loss and healing,” explained singer Ivan. “For me it’s like the feeling you get after you watch a great film in the cinema. The film is over and you now have to go home, but you just want to stay in that theatre and be in that world for a little while longer. You’re aware it’s over but you didn’t want it to end and you weren’t ready, so you’re just stuck in that in-between. You can’t stay forever though, and it’s better to walk yourself out than the ushers coming to remove you.”

During the rockdown lockdown they have still been keeping themselves busy online, delivering sessions and sentiments alike for the likes of Louder Than War, SXSW and the Hanwell Hootie, as well as BBC 6music’s Recommends Day, during which Steve Lamacq played out a vividly hushed live version of ‘I’m Not Eating Like I Used To’.


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