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China // Kelly Hafner // Connie Danger // Violetear // Fat Pablo

China – Marnie

Folk rock band CHINA’s album ‘And then Nothing Happened’ is fronted by singer/songwriter Michael James Tapscott. Joining him, Jeff Moller, Jacob Aranda, and Raphi Gottesman keeps their songs as earthy and rooted, as any other. With trouncing excitement from the beats of notes, in ‘Marnie’ the Neil Young/psyche-rock single marination, pushes the edges a bit further, and further. The ‘desperation’ of the story is felt in the drums, as it sets the overall sentiments of the single. The strength is in its demure and honorable presentation. Revival has nothing on this band, as they ‘reinterprets’ the classic sounds, with decadence of their touch – honed and defined.

Kelly Hafner – Things Are Changin’

When was the time when you wanted a song to help you kick some butt? KELLY HAFNER can help. And in ‘Things Are Chagin’, you’re swept away by the power of her voice, and the funky stride of the song’s attitude and wah. The succulent sexiness is all up and around this song, where Kelly drives the clouds away. Reminiscent of the power exuded by past and current women of blues (Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, etc) Kelly kicks it up a notch with her sultry high baritone, ascending with some r&b hints, as well. ‘Things Are Changin’ is an anthem for the next chapter for women’s drive to even fairer and equitable socio-economic standings. “This song is a funky expression of the inherent freedom of living as a woman in today’s world,” said Kelly. Kudos.

Connie Danger – Finally

Upcoming EP ‘ The Ravages Of Puberty (part one)’. First single ‘Finally’. Introducing CONNIE DANGER’s song. It’s the sensuality you never knew you had in you. Now you know. And as the shivers of thoughts run through the shiningly melancholic notes, you run – run like bat out of hell – not understanding your plight, but wanting to find the one whom can make you whole. Run, run, and run some more. Let the body you crave, exist in your virtual dreams, as you seek the paths to that actual but forbidden caste of love. Once in your arms, he’s yours forever. Once in your arms, she will make you invincible.

Violetear – Love Aint A Big Deal

Matteo and Marco, brothers who have constructed this distinctive project, VILETEAR, brings the delectable classic musical experience in ‘Love Ain’t A Big Deal’. Some have called it ‘odd’, but to us, the Motown/Brit-pop feeling pop-rock single is as delicate and beautiful to listen to. It sure is a beam of sunshine, as the stairway to heaven is clearly defined and accessible through this single. The jazzy elements in the song, in addition to an interesting classical guitar lick for good measure, is an amalgam of delight and eye opening vision. Short, succinct, and delectably sweet, the happy-go-lucky single is the Italian brothers’ gift to the starved masses. Matteo and Marco’s sensibilities are as rare as a ‘Li-ger’, and as shimmering as a ‘Unicorn’.

Fat Pablo – Shambala

The music is visceral. Innocent and deadly, the notes portrayed by the band emits a certain vexation and indignant palpability, which is undeniably manic and inevitable. The forewarned vocals, call out to the future listeners, of the future intended. The psyche-rock band, pulls power and glory out of the digital canvases, ripe with altered powers and irreversible emotional waves. ‘Shambala’, throughout the single is just like an animals call – a howl of being, with hunger at its side, perpetually and damningly. It cites unknown personalities, from within, while mixing the soup for what seems to be rational, never becomes edible. The one is transformed, but never filling the potential – decapitated by luck and devastated by external forces. Hiphop, drum & bass, guitars, haunting lyrics, chilling synth are captured by the story line, creates a daunting delight for the senses. We really can’t believe this is their debut. Clarity is their middle name, and FAT PABLO makes this fabulously clear in their intentions and musical excellence. “We imagined the song as this kind of uplifting orchestral piece and approached it in a different manner to other songs we write,” stated FAT PABLO. “We all played really delicately on the recording and focussed specifically on dynamics, making sure we didn’t take away from the soul of the song. You kind of get this bittersweet hope in your bloodstream feeling.” We sure do. The band consists of: Dave Barrett, Alex Conway, Adrian Garvey, Jack Hitchcock, Simon Flynn, and visual artist, Ross Ryder.


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