CHINCHILLA Shares ‘Demand Respect’. “She’s on a mission. We will follow.”

CHINCHILLA is the magnificence you see before you. A vision of aura. A tale of triumphs. A glory in art that you’d wished you were a part. In her latest ‘Demand Respect’, respect is just the beginning, as the singer/songwriter carries off her attitude and style, with class in this single.

The London based 23 year old comes with all of the shimmer and glitz of a pop star you’d expect.

What you get with CHINCHILLA in ‘Demand Respect’ is a total hold in creativity, excellence, and beauty through the words and construction. The song delivers with a wit that is delicious, and enough humbleness to be so very attractive.

‘Demand Respect’ is CHINCHILLA’s 3rd self release.

She’s on a mission.

And with such a vast array of musical arsenal at her finger tips, we can’t wait to see what she can conquer.



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