Chinese Cherry ‘Camel Crush’ : Is a touch of class, in a touch-less revolt in emotions.

Chinese Cherry

Sweet dream are made of these. Sweet nigh-mares are personal and oh so very textured. Chinese Cherry’s ‘Camel Crush’ is a touch of class, in a touch-less revolt in emotions. Confusion, begets irresponsibility. Chinese Cherry doesn’t want that. He knows he can grow, and be better.

“I wrote this song from the perspective of a camel crush cigarette, probably my most lyrically focused song with a groovy drum beat behind it,” said Chinese Cherry. “It also features some detailed production tricks and is a bit unorthodox in terms of sound combinations at first.”

The young producer from Sweden, wants a seat at the table. We’d called his art: “Important to his existence. Where the passion for his musical upbringing, is sorted and arranged, in a cylindrical kaleidoscope, of misty-eyed progressions – delighting and firing off the most warm and graceful.”

So true.

The colors, in pastel and primary, glean with alpha anthems, subtly consuming and glazing. His wants are his needs. His needs are of his self-worth. His self-reliance, is the strength unto which he builds his empire of notes and bars.”

“The album (out now) is supposed to reflect the way my thoughts and feelings sometimes aren’t very coherent…”


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John Lennon vibes

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