Chinese Cherry ‘Poppy’ : Strength unto which he builds his empire of notes and bars.

Chinese Cherry

“I wanted to write a song about how sometimes everything seems like “whatever”. It isn’t important and it’s all the same shade of blue. I decided to make the sound of the song a bit childish and inspired by very bright elements, like the equivalent of what candy would sound like if it could make any sound.”

The young producer from Sweden, wants a seat at the table. The table of nonchalance and general acceptance for humanity and the arts. His art is important to his existence. Where the passion for his musical upbringing, is sorted and arranged, in a cylindrical kaleidoscope, of misty-eyed progressions – delighting and firing off the most warm and graceful.

His wants are his needs. His needs are of his self-worth. His self-reliance, is the strength unto which he builds his empire of notes and bars.

It’s heaven.

He wants to share that with the world.


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