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CHIRPY Shares ‘Go Easy’. One Of Many Singles Too Beautiful Not To Share.

It had been a long while since our first encounter with CHIRPY, the singer/songwriter with the angelic vocals from Dublin, Ireland. We’d only knew of her when CHF was just starting out. Back then we’d only had an Instagram account and we’d noted about CHIRPY. The folk song writing prowess of Rebecca (Shannon) was quickly realized then, and come 2018, it is still apparent and beautiful to listen to.

The gorgeousness of her falsetto is the first key to listening of her songs. Then each and every song brings the kind of embrace we all wish sometimes we can get from the one we love.

Listen to ‘Go Easy’ and you’re welcomed with the sharp picking of the strings, and of course CHIRPY’s vocals.

You can fall in love with the recording that seems to come from the middle-ages and of the heart, crying and begging – to the skies above and to the bottom of the sea of despair.

It’s happiness with the sadness.

It’s the sour enhanced by the sweet.

In the 10 or so years, Rebecca was a staple among the music scene as a session musician. But in the last several years, she’s set out, cut a new path, and this year she’s dropped her full fledged debut LP.

It’s certainly a milestone, and we congratulate her on the accomplishment.

We really suggest you leave some time to listen to her music. They are deep, layered in lyrical weavings, and beautifully presented. The depth in each facet of the each song is carefully constructed and it’s immediately noticeable.

Anywho, kudos, Rebecca. Kudos.

Looking forward to a flourishing and continuing path.



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