CHIVVY ‘In Control’ : Don’t betray yourself, even before the battle has started.


Gritty, strong, voluptuous, expanding.

The inculcation of the cracks of character – within and without – surfaced into obsolescence and rivalry to the atmosphere.

CHIVVY’s single ‘In Control’ is a reminder of being your best. Not only in dreams. Better in reality.

A suffering misogynation of self and emotive health, can never be acceptable nor be tolerated.

“It’s about being your own best friend, to spend time alone, break up with the past or the present and to live and dare to be happy – for yourself.”

Gothenburg trio ’CHIVVY’ started out as ‘The Tape’ and released an EP under that name. They have been seen on stages around Europe such as in Portugal, Norway, Germany, Kosovo, Croatia and on most of Sweden’s indie stages.

There are enough forces out there, which would like you in the gutter.

Don’t betray yourself, even before the battle has started.


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