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Chloe Cho – PORTUGA! (Prod. By TE RIM)

Chloe Cho’s Portuga! brings with it a the spherical self awareness, marked pop attitude, in the ethereal world filled with love’s possibilities. Portuga! is seemless, in communicating Chloe’s ambitions, and artistic flora.

It’s rare that we get into saccharin-pop world and comment on a particular song, but when we do, there’s a good reason (well, at least a good reason in our eyes).

The first intro bars just does it for us.

It’s mature, synthetic, surreal – but at the same time grounded, particular, and dramatic.

It doesn’t seem complicated. But it’s all about the sensibilities of the artist and her compatriot’s philosophy on the song.

It was night of all nights, when our eyes met.
She came towards me, I walked to her.
Our skins met, said hello.
We didn’t blink, it was right.
We kissed until the break of dawn.
But it wasn’t like that.
I touched her lips, her lips surrounded mine.
How can you be?
How can you be?
Just be with me.

Chloe has it on the right track, we believe.

And we think you should check her out.

She hails from Chicago.

Kudos, Chloe. Keep on keepin’ on!



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