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Chlöe Howl // MCVEIGH // Jesse and The Wolf // Carter Reeves // Xtevie

Chlöe Howl – In The Middle (Sad Banger)

“I wrote [‘In The Middle’] when someone left their partner to be with me,” said Chlöe Howl. “I was madly in love, but hated that my happiness was at the expense of someone else. I put myself into their head space – I guess in pursuit of some atonement – and In The Middle was born. It’s my Sad Banger and probably lyrically my favourite song I’ve written to date.” Chlöe Howl is a pop artist with the heart of adaptation and gumption. With no one genre to be enacted in her songs, she delivers with vibrancy, even if the subject is not of that realm. After her return from hiatus with single ‘Millionaire’ she continues her role of take back her footprint for song craft and excellence with ‘In The Middle’. Another exacting era begins again as she dives ever deeply into the summer of 2019.

MCVEIGH – Is that what you wanted?

Twenty two year old producer MCVEIGH comes at us with a decadent song of emotions and love in ‘Is That What You Wanted?’ The 80’s vibe tinted excitement is brought to you by the Belfast Ireland based artist with the vocals that are tuned to tune into your nostalgic heart. The body of the song is right out of the 80’s that convey nothing but innocence and unapologetic beckoning for the person you’d dreamed of. Challenges are the pepper seasoning that tests our notions for love, but when listening to MCVEIGH’s version, it is beautiful and sweet in what we wished our own realities in relationships could be. The dancey procurements of ‘Is That What you Wanted?’ gets you up off of your butt, and gives you carte-blanche to express yourself to the best of your abilities. Sharing your happiness with a song like this is warranted and deserved. ‘Is That What You Wanted?’ is MCVEIGH’s first ever recorded/released single, crafted from his home. Bravo.

Jesse and The Wolf – Talk To Me

JESSE AND THE WOLF is a project of New York DJ/producer, Jesse Marco. ‘Talk To Me’ is a textual dealings in that awe inspiring attitude of emotions, when dealing with the human level relationship. Jesse came bursting into the scene with his his debut mixtape ‘Free Love’ in 2018 and hasn’t stopped from making it his priority for well developed songs. The varying genre has the decadent aura of always trying the best he can to reach the stars, without burning up on the way up. The artist named Jesse, takes it one step at a time, as he chips away at the grandeur, the new fashioned way – the JESSE AND THE WOLF’s way. The project talks, and we listen with intent.

Carter Reeves – Grey Area

“The thing I kept asking myself was ‘what does this make me feel?” CARTER REEVES said. “I’d rather be having fun, that feels more impactful than having people listen to my music and cry.” Carter’s a unique cat. A heart of a lion and ambitions to boot, the 23 year old knew what he’d wanted to do from a younger age and took the opportunities as they came across. Taking his falsetto into the realms of his music, he tries to provide the good vibe, feel good notions of music and how it can incorporate into his audience’s lives. Off of his debut solo EP ‘Fresh Fruit’ the Kiwi takes life as it comes, but pushes to the edge with the tools that he hones everyday. Carter added about his songwriting: “I don’t want to narrate people’s problems if I haven’t been through them myself…I’d prefer to be the means to forgetting about those problems.” He know how hard life can be. He’s ridden through some of those patches himself. So, he musters songs that tries its best to keep the smiles going for just a few minutes at a time. “I’m having fun making it, and I want people to have fun listening to it,” he says. That’s what I want to give to people: a brief moment of forgetting.” Sure shows in his work, doesn’t it?

Xtevie – Dollars & Your Tongue

‘Dollars & Your Tongue is “a theme of business and the different functions that make an enterprise successful came over me…distribution being a major one. But I wanted the song to be hot, so hinting at controlling the supply of something in demand came out in the form of ‘Dollars and Your Tongue’. I’m as much of a fan of economics as I am tequila and extracurriculars.” Whaaaa?!! Heck yes. Xtevie is a self sustaining maverick. A spark plug for the emotions that hinder, a fire brigade for the problems that linger – the woman with a cause to react, wants all of us to deep dive into what can be. With M.I.A. vibes throughout this single, it delightfully engages in sex appeal while foreshadowing for an impending grow of self and envelopment for a new you. Swagger is Xtevie and she ain’t letting it go, one bit.


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