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Chloe Lilac // The Mos Capri Experiment // Aaron Smith // SITA // Ryan Arlo

Chloe Lilac – Special

‘Special’ is Chloe Lilac’s first song since early 2019’s debut ‘Manic Pixie Dream’ EP. The EP drew love from outlets like PAPER, Highsnobiety, NYLON, Ladygunn, and she was included among Refinery29’s ‘Top Artists to Watch in 2019. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she discovered her love of writing songs & performing at a young age, sneaking out to perform on the streets of New York when she was 14. Now with a flourishing grade of tracks that exude the rapture of trials and tribulations in growing up, the infectiously cantankerous, but absolutely decadent artist keeps you engaged with utter stares and heart’s beats in kind. Her rebel bleeds slowly for all of us to see and love for the now. See her next @ The Echo, Los Angeles, October 22nd.

The Mos Capri Experiment – Tug Of War

The Mos Capri Experiment: An open space for individuality and experimentation. Somewhere beyond genre, where creativity comes before expectations and norms. Mos said: “‘Tug of War’ speaks of getting lost in self destructive patterns and the fear and discomfort around actually looking it in the face and confronting it. There are lots of different ways we distract ourselves in order to avoid dealing with it and personally, I’ve spent a lot of time running away from myself.” The Scotland based 20 year old alt-pop artist, is an order of maturity in lyrical ascension, plus envisioned aggressions. The future deems revelations in flight, as Mos elevates the tones of color and expanse in ‘Tug Of War’. The duality of living and death by emotional ramifications, unchecked, glitters with the shroud of pride and exceptions. A contrasts of life. A mirror of life’s misgivings in song. Continued Mos: ““There’s a huge fear of rejection together with a strong need to be noticed. We are a generation that is constantly trying to both ‘fit in’ and be liked, whilst also trying to stand out from the crowd. It’s the kind of tension that can really kill your creativity and courage, especially when you are constantly told it’s important to be unique, but only if your uniqueness fits the mould”. Mos explores. We all must follow.

Aaron Smith – Better Than You Loved Me

“‘Better Than You Loved Me’ is about taking the lack of love from one relationship and turning it around. Whether it’s a relationship between friends, family or a couple, is open to interpretation. The point is that the love you longed for from someone that wasn’t reciprocated can make you appreciate love more and give that to someone else.” Scottish singer songwriter Aaron Smith dropped his debut EP ‘Loveless’ (available now), and he compels. Movement of the heart is hard to do. In the nature of things, two strangers getting together, and connecting is hard to do. But it happens everyday, in various degrees of success and longevity. With Aaron’s expressions in vocals, you just want to get closer to the one you’d loved – even if it’s just in the memories you cherish. It’s the warmth of those shining moments that remain, and the textures of what was, and could have been. You smile in that respect, releasing the pride of un-acceptance, then moving forward with a new possible worlds over the horizon. You say thanks to those memories.

SITA – True

Sultry, decadent, aspirational vocals of pop artist SITA (Sita Steele) comes at us with stories of love and possibilities in ‘True’. The first single from her upcoming new EP, the play on feelings and excursions of the heart, dangle with pride and ecstasy, as the weight of the whole world shakes in honesty and resonance. The NYC native, now Nashville resident, pushes her slow burning lyrics into nice and supple rays of sunshine. You get close. They warm your heart. Anything can happen.

Ryan Arlo – Trouble

“I didn’t want to explicitly reference the toxicity within my relationship so I wrote ‘Trouble’, my debut single, as a warning to someone I met in Arizona shortly after it ended. I wanted to take elements of the artists and music that inspired me to start writing in the first place and create a sickeningly commercial pop sound to mask the darker and more personal tone of my lyrics, closing a negative chapter of my life in the process.” Fresh angles for growing angels – that’s where the faults of a troubled individual – maybe unfairly self criticizing – leaped into the arms of expression and the craft of ownership through song. “I was still a kid but realised that it is possible for lyrics to represent something personal and still resonate with strangers. I immediately started working to develop my lyrical capabilities and began writing for producers when I was 17 but more recently, decided to front my music independently after leaving an abusive relationship. I might not fit the mould of a perfect pop-star but perfect is far from my truth.” Perfect isn’t what the world is, nor warranted. The journey in the hopes for perfection, is the trip worth taking. You never know what you will find along the way.


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