CHO ‘Needle’ : Rampart crackling digital antics and explorative nostalgia.

Debut album ‘Infinite Prayers’ arrives, Spring 2020.


Our moms say this feels like ‘2020’, as well. CHO knows what we’re talking about. And as the razor stimulations of ‘Needle’ digs deep into your consciousness. With its rampart crackling digital antics and explorative nostalgia, it sings to you – it brings you to one of your knees – it gives you that happy vibe you were yearning.

Even when that smile is derived from this earthy grayness.

A self described ‘maverick’ and ‘juxtaposition’ in this universe, CHO is a project by Peter Cho of Chicago. He’s got the chops, and with those choice cuts of intuitive and inquisitive slices of digital goodness, he sallies-forth to new and fabulous musical realms.

‘Needle’ is a “juxtaposition of disco, 80’s synth”, and even has a surprising blues element into a modern alternative-pop package. CHO and Marina City, together, explore this certain sentiment to the utmost.

CHO’s debut album ‘Infinite Prayers’ arrives, Spring 2020.




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