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CHOKE Shares ‘Money’. “Dance Without Dancing, And Forever You’ll Be Legend.”

Always looking for that outrageously different method to exult for the audience, the band explores the experimental side of things without breaking the delicate line between commercial and avant-guard.

The perpetual painting of different colors sonically, drenches your senses where it feels like you are ‘drowning’ in a vat of gelatin.

You must survive this onslaught.

You must survive this reign of musical exposition.

You must.

For at the end of this rainbow is the delight, and the extraordinary.

Dance without dancing, and forever you’ll be legend.

CHOKE helps you get there.

Oh, and hang ‘Money’ on your wall as a reminder to that fateful time. CHOKE won’t mind.

CHOKE is a collaborative group of artists consisting of Tel Aviv based: Adi Rotem, Omer Luz, Roy Yarom, and Jenny Penkin. Their 2nd album under the CHOKE moniker will drop later this year.



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