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CHOP CLARK Shares Energizing ‘Sacrifice (feat. Mickey Factz)’. “Urgency is The Motivator.”

Collaboration between CHOP CLARK and MICKEY FACTZ, brings us this energizing single ‘Sacrifice’. The connection between the Colorado/NYC rapper Chop Clark and the Bronx’ very own, Mickey Factz radically burns the message of this little diddy into your cortex. Reazy Renegade does his producer thing and hits it out again with this one.

Chop’s upcoming debut LP ‘Best Laid Plans’ drops later in the year.

“The track is a hustler’s anthem through and through, and both emcees proclaim their love for the art and their desire to never stop grinding no matter what.”

Side hustle? Nope. Just down right straight up main-stream hustle.

That’s the mentality. It MUST be.

There’s nothing to keep you from achieving it.

Urgency is the motivator.



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