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Chorus Grant Returns With ‘Lives’. “Melancholic and brooding as they come.”

CHORUS GRANT is the project of Kristian Finne. He returns, 5 years on, with his latest single ‘Lives’.

The ultra talented musician and artist gathers up strength within each wisps of words upon ideas, ‘Lives’ encumbers with didactic precision and withering views of past musical outcrops.

“Music and songwriting is my most trusted friend,” Kristian said. “It helps me to understand life and give voice to ponderings that can’t not be articulated in normal conversation. I’ve felt an urgency to write these songs that deal with transition and transformation- floating mid-air between an old and a new life. My hope is that my coming record will resonate with others and serve as a mirror where people can unravel their own lives and find comfort that no one is alone when facing fundamental change.”

Though the single is draped in this ‘medieval’ vibe, it is an overarching pop-hinted single that is as melancholic and brooding as they come. The cinematic visions shine upon your senses as it pulls and prods your emotional psyche. The remnants of degradation slurps up the remains as ‘Lives’ contrasts against the happiness of life, but slaps you silly with the irony of such happiness that could.

The clash of indignations, revel int he pond where CHORUS GRANT divulges such secrets. You dive in head first, without knowing why you are. But you’re content as you listen and have a glimmer of sanctimoniously pungent admiration for your plight.

It is what life is, sometimes.

And we roll on. Pull our sleeves up. Going forward.

CHORUS GRANT is working on his upcoming solo album at the moment.

See him next on May 25 at the Bloom Festival in Copenhagen (Denmark).



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