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Chow Chow Mandy Shares ‘I Still Would’. Fantasizing And Dreaming. The Urge.

In a day to day existence, there has to a points of stimulation. We’re not talking about bad influences, but the good vibe kind that just helps flip over the sheets a bit and reveal a bit of your non-conventional side. When that cover is revealed a bit, it’s can be quite a liberating situation.

And we feel that’s what the duo from the City of Angels bring to the fore.

CHOW CHOW MANDY consists of Victoria Sans and Austin Danson. The duo are performers, heck, darn it. And for us, they brought out the little ‘rebellion’ that is smushed deep inside somewhere in our brains.

This song is ‘sex’.

This song is ‘attraction’.

This song is ‘rebellion’.

This song is the ‘urge’.

Victoria’s vocals topped with the innuendos of the lyrics, make this a fun joy-ride of mental exercise in why you want your girlfriend’s body so much. Or why you want to be so close to his lips, everyday, fantasizing.

We may not act on all our urges, but it sure is fun sometimes to dream about them.


Maybe just us.

Anywho, kudos Victoria & Austin. Kudos.



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