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Chris Baluyut Shares Emphatically Poignant ‘Different Days’.

Dig deeper into an artist. It’s sometimes warranted. There are mis-givings to each and every song that comes by. Sometimes it’s easy to pass on that opportunity, in finding out more about the artist. Sometimes it’s a good bet. Sometimes it’s not. And most of the time, we all need to dig straight down to what could be.

Chris Baluyut is an NYC singer and songwriter. But has moved recently to Tokyo, Japan. With that kind of life-changing adjustment, he’s changed to the acoustic guitar. Fully committed to the craft, he’ focusing on the alternative rock/post rock genres.

Our method of being an advocate of talent is always primarily in the effort of the song. Meaning, there are certain philosophies that are exuded through songs that the artist successfully communicates. It’s not a perfect process, with many factors, and the process is, in itself can be a distraction.

Baluyut’s vocals aren’t what a ‘perfect’ sound is defined. But it’s a base of cement that is unique and could be an integral component to ‘where’ he’s aiming, for his musical career. It’s all about the song and the lyrics, and there’s always a proud milestone that could be achieved.

‘Different Days’ is, in essence, a calling. A calling, for strength and perseverance.

We hope Baluyut continues.



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