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Chris Brain Shares ‘Peace & Quiet’. “Exposing hidden rumination of our emotions.”

With twinkling piano, dangling sweet nothings as the guitar strums brush your worries away, ‘Peace & Quiet’ is CHRIS BRAIN’s newest single that was made with a solemn oath: to think of nature, and what it is like to be ‘human’ again.

We get lost.

We get lost in this world of ours. In our nuances, big challenges, and even devastations of outwardly expressed aggressions.

We accept that we’re a flawed species. But it is no excuse to be or stay this way, no?

Chris’ notions don’t try to stretch so deeply into that socio-political realm in ‘Peace & Quiet’, but it surely does explain how it manages to touch all of our points of contention and ‘maladies’ of the heart.

Chris makes it easier for us to keep in touch with those hidden rumination of our emotions, and maybe – just maybe – set ourselves to calm and sensibility, once more.

This title track off of his latest EP, was written on Ladybower Reservoir in the Yorkshire countryside.

Beauty is within ‘Peace & Quiet’.

Kudos, indeed.



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