Chris Considine ‘Hippie Van’ : Seeing where they will land. You pick them up and try – try again.

Chris Considine

Off of LP ‘Gardens’, this exciting offering that promises of sun shiny days and long desert drives with your love, comes at the form of Chris Considine’s single ‘Hippie Van’.

Realizing too late, is not a culmination of remittance. It’s the start of another chapter, for a betterment that you’d always thought you’d deserved. And in this happiness of a single, takes lessons learned, and lets them pass by the way side of the past. With that, a newer opportunity is ready to tackle your humming heart of gumption and wide-eyed ambitions.

Chris’ soaring optimism in ‘Hippie Van’ is throwing up the chips of life, and seeing where they will land. You pick them up and try – try again.

Lovingly produced and true to the 60’s terms of endearment, Chris pushes his boundaries of song craft to new heights.


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