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Chris Crofton Shares ‘UFO Hunters’. Single Off Of Upcoming Album ‘Hello It’s Me’. Drops June 22.

“This record is the outcome of getting sober for me, because it’s the first time I was able to make a clear-headed, predetermined piece of art,”

It’s freedom, in the artistic sense of the word. Freedom affords the kind of elbow room which helps in spreading the lining of that limited frame. What has been the focus, becomes an amenity to the current cause. It’s not relegated to ‘uselessness’, but it has just transformed in the ultimate part of that structural sentence; the grammar, of the music.

And we think Crofton had decided to do so with this latest album ‘Hello It’s Me’.

The honesty has to flow first, and that means a self-tuned acceptance must be activated. And sometimes it’s hard to even get to that point. Introspection is hard to do, and even harder to take steps to make it real.

In his single ‘UFO Hunters’, you can feel the nuance and humor in the dark and poetic clustering of thoughts made into beads of words. This multi-faceted artist and entertainer, tries his darndest to drive his own definition with the new path.

Is the path worth it? Is the road taken to repeal old detriments, worth the risk?

One wonders.

But does that matter? Looking for the thing that seems to be unwarranted, can that help the soul heal?

Good question. And in this oddity of a ‘love song’, that question beats and thumps with passion.

“I’m a romantic person,” Crofton stated. “I sat in the same smoky bar with a whiskey and a pint in front of me, listening to Rod Stewart’s version of ‘First Cut Is the Deepest’ on the jukebox for, like, eight years straight in the 1990s thinking I was the star of the world’s saddest movie – and I loved it. I romanticize everything. At its worst, this leads to acting like Charles Bukowski, and I think at its best it means trying to communicate love in a way that you think maybe will reach people.”


In the upcoming album, his guest musicians includes: Jim James of My Morning Jacket (guitar), Matt Myers (guitar) & Katie Toupin (vocals) from Houndmouth, Matt Rowland (Kasey Musgraves, Rayland Baxter, Bobby Bare Jr., Caitlin Rose), Matt Hearn – drummer (Bully), Scott Moore – strings (My Morning Jacket, Jim James); with Kevin Ratterman (producer), and mastered by Shelly Anderson (Black Lab Mastering).



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