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Chris Diller // Apache Grosse, Deadly Habits // geminibitchslap // Sons Of Venus // Toby Johnson

Chris Diller – Gunpowder River

Cajun harmonica. Knee slapping good time. That’s what CHRIS DILLER’s single ‘Gunpowder River’ is all about. The country singer/songwriter easily tracks from pop, folk, and country to give us a glimpse of the good ol’ times, and then some. Imagine hangin’ at the riverbank of your dreams, at the side of a small town, and brewing trouble and getting muddy. That’s what the song is. That’s what Chris has never forgot. Good times? Heck yes. Pass the BBQ please.

Apache Grosse, Deadly Habits – High Stakes

“You wanna get high baby?” Party? In this nature and with the living that comes with existing in this world. “Can do it together” and “You’re never alone”. Support like this is always welcome eh? Wish we had support like that. After all, we all need some kindness with our daily dose of the nastiness that comes with our society. As you pass it on, we can snuggle, kiss, caress, and care for each other – even if it’s only for the night. Nothing wrong with that. “You’re beautiful, baby.”

geminibitchslap – satan

Matthew Douglas’ solo project Geminibitchslap. We’d stated: “The project is all encompassing. The project is all relatable. The project squeezes the juices out of that emotion. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter fashions deviously eclectic notes in a sequence, delighting and reveling in our smiles. Synth driven and with essential electronica, simplifies his attitudes. ‘Satan’ is in the same class as ‘White Roses’. We think you should have a look-see at what Matthew Douglas is cookin’.

Sons Of Venus – Thinking it Through

Feel like you wanna drive a Barracuda, chasing Steve McQueen, through the streets of San Francisco, and kick some butt? Well, you can do that by watching the movie Bullitt. But if you wanna drive and chase through the city of New York City, in your new whip, while hollering at the gals – SONS OF VENUS’ single ‘Thinking It Through’ is your ticket. Close your eyes, and don’t thing “what is this guys talking about?” but only of the potentially fabulous roll that would be. Sexy ain’t it? Well, ‘Thinking It Through’ is your ticket. Steve McQueen would have approved. SONS OF VENUS is made up of New Yorkers, John Sully, Ruslan Baimurzin, Igor Reznik, and Peter Breed.

Toby Johnson – Isla

TOBY JOHNSON’s debut single ‘Isla’ is a charmer. It’s a spring day with your best half. It’s a leaf blown Autumn afternoon. It’s a snuggle from your best friend. Toby puts it: “[‘Isla’] is a final goodbye to a relationship, it isn’t meant to be confrontational, but more of a celebration of that person I really needed at the time.” Simple, flavorful, organic, Toby’s sprinkles of undeniable and unchangeable fates of love and loss, give us that warm feeling. Even if the end result of the story isn’t a Disney happy ending. It’s life. Real life. Toby added: “If a song reveals every detail, then it ruins the illusion. It’s like a text message, people absorb information in different ways, a simple text can be misconstrued entirely, thats the beauty of storytelling.”


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