Chris Espo ‘Mind Games’ : Will the union survive and thrive?

Chris Espo

“‘Mind games’ is a song of multiple meanings. Relatable to our everyday relationships with friends and loved ones. Chris takes the listener on a journey starting with a melodic sing along chorus, leading into verses that are both inspiration and paint a picture.”

Elated to be the one he’d be confident of, she knew the future would be bigger, and better. But it’s life. Life doesn’t make things easier, if it could help it. She knew this. He knew this. Will they survive the challenges of their existence? Together? In partnership?

Chris Espo has already started building an extensive resume on the hip hop scene. With a collaborative effort between Chris, Term and NY artist Kurrent, Together they created “Hungry” a Raw 90s style boom bap classic set to be released February 22nd.


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