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Chris Gale Shares ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’.

Los Angeles based CHRIS GALE makes it a habit to make songs of this caliber. ‘Wait Until Tomorrow’ is a diary filled with an alkaline sinew of memories that makes thinking about them again, comforting, but unbelievably dark.

The contrast is what Chris does so well.

With complex and efficient lyrics, of love and loss then everything in between, described in a tattered mural of an M. C. Escher style – weaving, without end; nonchalant, but absolutely focused.

Said Chris: “This moody song is inspired by subtle sci fi film-making, like Children of Men and Blade Runner, where we’re given clues for how the world is put together but no full exposition. Little lyrical details paint the picture of a place much different than our own – “they say we’re too far East for this,” “you’re better off with all those dance card numbers I know you’ve kept.” All amidst the story of the impatience of new love. “How can we wait until tomorrow when we’ve already waited for today?”

Indeed a good question.

Well, until there is an answer, let’ listen and lap up this gooey goodness.



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