Chris Godfrey ‘All This Love’ : Melancholic aspirations, rimmed in the vastness of a longing love.

Chris Godfrey

“[All This Love] is about insecurities getting in the way of what we all really want,” said Chris Godfrey. “How our own issues make complex puzzles out of such simple requests. It’s about being on both sides of the coin: knowing you have love to give but struggling to find someone to share it with, or being offered love and having a hard time accepting it.”

Inspired by a wide array of artists from Freddie King to Frank Ocean, Chris’ music, invokes a sense of honesty that’s appreciated throughout.
Added Chris: “Despite having written it back in 2019, I think it resonates with what’s going on in the world right now. With everyone being stuck at home, we’re treading in uncharted waters, trying to find ways to connect and share all the love we have to give.”

Melancholic aspirations, rimmed in the vastness of a longing love, the outpouring beckoning for a chance to show the kind of love that’s possible. It’s the intimacy that surrounds the expanse of Chris’ thoughts and emotions.

Get charmed.

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Quarantine vibes.

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