Chris Jake ‘America (Razorlight Cover)’ : A classic indie goodness gets the right tones, in that EDM vibe. Apropos indeed.

Chris Jake

Chris Jake is an Austrian artist, musician, songwriter and producer. And in his redo of 00’s indie hit ‘America’ by Razorlight, the EDM influenced digital surprise puts a different vibrance to an already vibrant original.

The right tones of the song delights with maybe an ‘apropos’ vibe for the times that affect our lives. But it’s never an intrusive exercise, for Chris wants the best out of a situation and never a demonizing one.

Life is as happy as you make it. Chris firmly appreciates that mantra.

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"Say you’ll be here!" This is Marie Ann ( @instagr_ams ) 🔥 When I had the idea to make a duet out of AMERICA, she just asked when we would finally get started – and that's exactly what I love about her! With her unique openness, her resounding energy and – yeah – her great voice, she was the perfect partner for the AMERICA Adventure! You made AMERICA really big with your power performance !!! THANK YOU Marie Ann 🌊❤️🌊 Jake #america #allmylife #perfectmatch #duet #together #voice #friednship #dreamteam #coversongs #covers #musicianlife #strongertogether #waveoftwo #united #thankyou #greatestperson #grateful #inthespotlight #introducing #razorlight #greatagain #great #greater #thegreatest #emotions #fatbeats #sunshinevibes #chrisjakemusic

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