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Chris Jobe – Cry

Internal turmoil comes in degrees. Everyone’s different. And we digest difficulties in personal and individual ways. CHIRS JOBE knows that too well. Whether up or down, happy or sad, expressions in some sort of way is what others expect of us. But sometimes, at the hardest, we don’t cry. At the happiest, we don’t take in the goodness a hundred percent, missing the moments that matter. It’s an emotional muscle that needs to be understood. And with ‘Cry’, Chris does. “The day I wrote ‘Cry’ with my friend Anna, all I wanted to do was actually cry and feel that release, but I couldn’t, so we did the next best thing and wrote a song about it. Behind the scenes, I’ve had my fair share of fights with anxiety and depression since I was 18. I hold back tears and show little emotion in these battles. To me, crying seems like defeat, and the way that society views crying doesn’t help that feeling. I always think, ‘I’m supposed to be happy.’” Co-written with friend Anna Graceman, he added: “I wrote and produced a song that had the emotions I wanted to feel so bad, but wouldn’t let myself have.”

Jessie Land – Nothing But You

Congratulations to the singer/songwriter JESSIE LAND. The sweet voiced, pop music songstress released her single ‘Nothing But You’ under her solo name, and it’s the best friend you’d been looking for. She stated: “I wrote it with a previous boyfriend about the internal battle and tension that can arise within a relationship when you love someone so much.” It’s that struggle that makes the world colorful. And as relationships shift as time passes and hearts evolve, thoughts and highlights of what it means to be in that relationship becomes relevant and soaked in tantric eccentricities. Jessie is based in Los Angeles, and we can expect much honesty and fabulousness in her future works.

Benedict Cork – Therapy

In the story telling mood of BENEDICT CORK, it is normal to get taken away to another chapter of your emotional journeys. The journeys that you’d always wanted to take, but because of the day-to-day, you’d never could. Only in your mind, you flew over the pastel sea with islands of white beaches, shimmering for you, and for only your smiles. It’s 1AM in the morning, and in front of your TV, you dream this. Just maybe. Someday. London based singer/songwriter/pianist is remarkable in his attitude towards such tales, tapping exactly to our loneliness. ‘Therapy’ “is my way of acknowledging to myself that I was a little afraid of what was going on inside my head, and admitting that’s it ok to not be ok,” said Benedict. We all lose and become lost in some sort of way. It’s how we are built as animals, traversing this vast world of knowns and unknowns. Benedict is your biggest champion. And with beautiful songs like ‘Therapy’ we all become your cheerleader.

Eastlin – Here for You

Ian Steele is EASTLIN. And “This song is about the person you are in a relationship with,” stated Ian. “It’s about them going through hard times, and sometimes finding it hard to turn to the one they love the most. It’s to let them know that no matter what I am here for you.” The interestingly paced single has a charisma that is instinctual and extends notions into spaces that are familiar, but just very far away. By vision, you cannot see what’s being placed, as the love for love, is just a sheen for what’s in pretense. Pure love and care, is where friends come to defend. EASTLIN’s single ‘Here For You’ is that post card for the one who’s loved.

theband Vú – Lucky Because

Ryan John Clary is theband Vú. His soothing and gentile vocals sweep across any premise and makes your heart beat with a more purposeful mission. Off of the latest EP ‘Woke Up In The City’ the single ‘Lucky Because’ crosses easily between two Universes comprised of indie-pop and commercial pop, as the likelihood of a personal manifest destiny taunts with undulating lyrical works. “[‘Lucky Because’ is] about not being able to shake jealous thoughts and feelings while in a relationship,” stated Ryan. And from the full hearted honesty, it is a promise of resisting urges and a thought exercise at an impasse. And it’s beautifully done, as always.


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