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Chris Pietrangelo Shares ‘Hell Bent Heart’. “Yes. It’s worth it…It’s what you are.”

Memphis native Chris Pietrangelo serves up an Americana beauty with ‘Hell Bent Heart’. The song is a match made in heaven, as Chris’ voice, of honesty and unshakable attitude, collides in a beautifully revealing single that brings the sunshine to your day.

Starting with a music career in 2012, he’d ventured with his brother, Patrick, to form the rock band, Fingertrick. In 2014, Fingertrick released their first CD, ‘Wildfire’. They followed it up 4 years later with the incredible, ‘If Requiems Were Record Deals’ released in 2018.

Chris has an extensive catalog of original, solo music. His first full-length solo album, ‘Young On The Run’ features Graham Perry of Tucson Simpson. Chris also plays bass, and co-writes with the Memphis-based heavy metal band, Medieval Steel, and has gained extensive overseas touring experience with this band.

But with ‘Hell Bent Heart’, the emotions of a music artist comes to life as tinges of the heartaches and disappointments, come to a full dance of understanding and patience. A lesson of personal battles and intentional fortitude, Chris’ story telling comes to life in this classic construction.

Life is a sea of what ails.

Life is a hardship that never relents.

But you are here. Fighting.

Is this worth it? Is this worth all of the anguish? The private anguish that never lets go?

Yes. It’s worth it.

It’s what you are.

The urban cowboy lives in Chris Pietrangelo.



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