Chris Portka ‘Born to Be Damned (version medium)’ : To the new visions of how our biological human existence will cope.

Chris Portka

Critical of how technology has injected itself into our lives, Chris Portka’s ‘Born to Be Damned’ (version medium) tallies up the vibes that makes our current lives as advanced and maybe a bit curtailed at points.

Said Chris: “I wrote the song on acoustic guitar – and after practicing it for a couple months it became apparent that there were a few different ways I liked playing the song – hence the 3 different versions, all nods to genres I personally love: dirty pop punk, catchy garage rock, and psych folk impressionism.”

There’s no getting away from the fact that we are in an age of the mini and digital machinery. From your everyday to the big things like, space travel, we’ll be bombarded (and successfully adapt) to the new visions of how our biological human existence will cope.

“I need a break sometimes – and I love music for that odd way it can serve as an escape from the real world while also creating a stronger connection with one’s own spirit.”

Go, go gadget, human spirit!


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