Christian Cohle ‘Breathe’ : Explores themes of sound and vaporous granule in emotions.

Christian Cohle

Christian Cohle explores themes of sound and vaporous granule in emotions. Gritty at times, pulsing at most, the salient assumptions of ‘Breathe’, supplants inhibitions with gainful confidence and radical revelry.

Said Christian: “’Breathe’ was predominantly informed by experiences I was going through at the time, but also very much influenced by the neo-noir science fiction film, Blade Runner 2049.”

The melancholic record fits flawlessly with its hauntingly abstract video. Directed by multi-award winner Tristan Heanue, the visuals follow a character who is trapped in an undistinguished place, anthropomorphizing his emotions that are difficult to flee from. Alongside are Cohle’s howling vocals that are full of hope and desperation.

Director Heanue said: “The character struggles as his sense of connectivity to his world declines, and he is forced to adjust. Gradually he moves between this captivity and liberation, sometimes only briefly until he finally crosses over the threshold, and is freed, accepting his reality.”

Christian’s full album is due later this year.


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