Christian Cohle ‘Ghost’ : Fashion for moods and story telling, casts a glittering scope.

Christian Cohle

Dublin-born producer/singer/songwriter Christian Cohle’s beautiful single ‘Ghost’ is part of his upcoming album ‘Holy Trouble’. Following his equally stunning single ‘Breathe’, Christian’s intentions to drive emotive revelry right through the core of his listeners, if palpable and gripping.

Christian first began writing songs when he was a teenager. After that initial discovery, music became a means of therapy. He said: “I never really stopped. I began performing live at open mic nights and music venues at about 19 years old and then went on to study modern music in university.”

After gaining some real life experience in recording studios, Cohle began taking interest in having creative control in both the recording and mixing process, which led him to begin producing himself. This was the catalyst for his new self-produced album.

An indie-pop grace that delivers a pulsing ambience, with simplicity and modern minimalism, Christian’s assumptions and mystery carries heavy weight and substance through his single. A cultured proficiency, decked out in garments of emotions, Christian’s fashion for moods and story telling, casts a glittering scope.


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