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Christian Todd shares and premieres new single ‘What’s the Rush?’.

‘What’s The Rush?’ is a mix bag. Don’t worry, the bag is a tote, and is canvas, and very practical, and so, so stylish. Christian Todd brings that ‘mix’ of styles into this song with the righteous platitudes, and absolute groovy, grooves. And that’s saying something.

Todd is a vocal performer, in the best of classic blues styles, with the updated and modern pop sensibilities that, by no accident, we at CHF like and love to dip our ears in.

The diversity in his output is evident, giving the essence of soul, pop, jazz, blues, and hip-hop and it’s a combination that is fab.

We don’t know too much about Todd yet, but we’re having an inkling that he’ll be well on his way and have a fab 2018.

Looking forward to more from him.

Download single [HERE]

He’s rep’ed by Sweet Limbo, working hard out of Edinburgh, Scotland.



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