Christina Cavazos ‘Oceans’ : Nostalgic looks, enhanced by supplement for the future.

Vulnerability, put into pen and sonic empathy.

Christina Cavazos / Photo: Daniel Cavazos

Memories of dawn cast a wind swept glitter of proud moments of life. As souls on this ocean of humanity, we console ourselves within the comforting arm-folds of the ones you love and love to be around. Family, friends, and the over arching confidence of the citadel of love – all culminate in ‘Oceans’ by Christina Cavazos.

The singer/songwriter was still in high school when she released her first EP, ‘About You’. With influences that include the Beatles, Aimee Mann, Ingrid Michaelson, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, the Civil Wars and Fleetwood Mac, the young musician is grounded and mature in her songwriting and arrangements.

Sophistication of words, lined up into progressions are delivered in spades as the bedroom/shoegaze bop of Christina, soars like eagles. The brooding and nostalgic back into her younger childhood, is decadent with shimmer and head-nodding beauty of story telling excellence.

‘Oceans’ is in a long line of that exact vulnerability, put into pen and sonic empathy.

Looking forward to where she takes her next collection of songs.

This track was produced by Charlie Magnone (keyboardist for Parker McCollum), engineered by Louie Lino (Nada Surf) and features lead guitar work by Will Knaak of Blue October.

See Christina next @ Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard, Bastrop, Texas on January 18th.



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