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Christine and the Queens Share ‘Girlfriend’ (feat. Dâm-Funk).

The ever popular Christine And The Queens from France, is a fab way to get away from the every-day for a bit. The ever-pop single of ‘Girlfriend’ gets you funking and dancing with beats and true-to-form (and tested) beats/rhythms.

What we like, is what we like.

And sometimes when things are a certain way, you get into happy go lucky music.

‘Girlfriend’ might have some lyrical cynicism and sprinkled ‘dark’ themes, but it’s presented with the aromatic flagrance of a daisy in the Spring time, with zero care and stress.

We like that – at this moment – in this day and time.

It’s all about feel, and we want to be in a good and sanctified path today – and this single does it spades for us.

Feel good, skip a step going to work.

Why not. Let’s do this.



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