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Christmas Song Of The Day! Illicit Ghost ‘Christmas Lights on the Lawn’ : Confessions of a flower. A desire professed.

Illicit Ghost

Confessions of a flower. A desire professed. Illicit Ghost’s single ‘Christmas Lights on the Lawn’ is the alt-Christmas track your heart has been looking for.

Illicit Ghost expanded: “On my journeys home from NYC for the holidays, I see the decorated houses on each side of the expressway and I’m reminded that sometimes we just need a little light to find our way… I wrote the song to comfort those experiencing grief, especially during this tragic time. All of 2020’s loss amplified the importance of loved ones. I want this song to remind us to celebrate those who have passed, and be grateful for the friends and family who bring joy and hope for the future. I was feeling so sad about this whole year [2020] and the horrible things that occurred. I wanted to bring people some relief.”

A feel-warm ascension, ‘Christmas Lights on the Lawn’ brings a charming 80’s vibe back into the future of the current state of affairs. Bare to the bone, in sharing Illicit Ghosts’ personal hurt and grief, the satisfyingly effervescent story telling of this single, greets you the way the holiday seasons, should.

Let’s sing. Let’s smile. From the chaos, there are and still will be even more love to go around.

‘Christmas Lights on the Lawn’ was co-produced by Illicit Ghost and Elliot Jacobson (Vérité, Ingrid Michaelson), which follows the single ‘Halftime’.


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