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Christof van der Ven Shares ‘4AM’. “There was happiness. For that fleeting moment.”

Lovely vocals that bound over the horizon, with unabated optimism and central resistance to that possible unwilling future. CHRISTOF VAN DER VEN’s song ‘4AM’ is another continuation of that journey through a dimmed gray of the morning, before dawn. A cusp of opportunities that might exist, but never can be revealed until at the right moment.

Off of his 2nd album ‘You Were The Place’, the artist with the glimmering folk tinge, transfixes our notions for love, and all of the emotions that culminate with unfettered accusations and questions. The mystery of life is somewhat depicted within the folds of Christof’s lyrics, deeming and damning our senses to a whole new and fascinating delight in audible visuals.

There could have been more.

There could have been a YOU and I.

There could have been a new future.

But it’s past now, and a new blank chapter must be started.

For both of us.

Christof said: “This was the very first song I wrote about the whole situation. Fear and realisation. I was sobering up, feeling very vulnerable.”

In a fleeting moment, there was happiness in meeting, connecting, and involving a glimpse of the future together. But now, that it’s the morning-after, that notion is gone. And gone forever is that happiness in meeting, connecting, and involving that immature house of cards we dreamed.


Beautiful song from Christof, don’t you think?

See Christof on September 28th EKKO in Utrecht, Netherlands.



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