Christopher Ambrose x Robert Garcia ‘Lover for the Night’ : Gushing avarice of sight and sound, for love and love’s sake.

Christopher Ambrose

Off of his latest LP ‘Dreaming’ (out now), Christopher Ambrose brings delicacy and fantasm to ‘Lover for the Night’. Dance driven, electro combination, it features Robert Garcia to put the final touches to the song.

The collaborative track includes a smooth vocal from the lead artist mixed with a Sam Smith-esk vocal from the feature. The combination creates a Kiesza ‘Hideaway’ vibe that lingers in your ear after the first listen.

Christopher Ambrose is a 23 year old Pop singer, songwriter, recording artist and music producer with over 5 years of professional experience. Christopher has written, recorded, mixed and mastered songs for many artists and other producers in this time and also has his own discography of music. His soul purpose is to get his music heard and eventually grow a platform that allows him to share his music with the rest of the world.

A fun and decadent offering, ‘Lover for the Night’ is a gushing avarice of sight and sound, for love and love’s sake.

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